Student will be registered only after the agreement is signed, dated, and returned with the the first month's payment.

The first month payment is paid at registering; it serves as the down payment, which holds a time slot for a student in my class.  Lessons are payable one month in advance or no lesson will be given.  Monthly tuition remains constant regardless of the number of lessons received in any given month.

Music classes are 30- minutes long.  The student must supply all books and supplies.  Children must be accompanied by parents no drop offs.

Remember to set up a daily practice schedule.  A "set time" each day will insure that you are getting your money's worth out of music lessons.  For children parents must accept their responsibility in seeing to it that the students does the required practicing.  Consistent lack of practicing is grounds for dismissal.  It is my sincere desire that my teaching and your support will form an effective team.  By working together we can make music one of the most enjoyable experiences you will ever encounter.  This is one of the few avenues of training that will carry with you an entire lifetime.

A lesson will be excused or rescheduled for emergencies only.  These should be rare; with sufficient notice at least 24 hours in advance and time available, any student who misses two or more unexcused lessons will be dropped and a $25.00 reinstatement fee will be charged if student wishes to continue taking lessons.

I offer the BEST course in music education available anywhere!  I expect and require my student to have a positive attitude.  Students with a negative attitude will be asked to leave.

A $10.00 late payment penalty is added to any account that is due on the first of the month but not received by the tenth of the month.  Failure to remit the late payment penalty and the current tuition payment before the 30th of the month will necessitate dismissal of the student.   Any account that is NSF will be charged a fee of $20.00