Hill School of Music
The Hill School of Music was founded by Dennis and Patricia Hill.  The school teaches students to express themselves through the mediun of music

Students are provided with a comprehensive music curriculum with lessons that allow them to develop and create their own musical compositions.

Recitals are held twice per year and provide students with perfornance experience that helps to strengthen self confidence.

These public perfornances also allow students to display their talents to family, friends and the rest of the community in a confortable environment.

Many students become active in other performances at school and at church as a result of studying at Hill School of Music, which allows them to further exhibit their artistic talent.


Hill School of Music Offers
Voice classes
Instrumental classes
Music theory classes
Technology classes
All Styles
All ages
Beginner thru Advanced
Private and/or group instruction

The Master Teacher
Mr. Hill is an oustanding and talented, diversified musician and native of New Orleans, Louisiana.  He holds and Associate of Arts degree from Delgado Community Collage and has extensive training from Southern University.  His thirst for music and love for children inspired his professional career as a perforning artist in the Orleans and Jefferson Parish school systems.  He has also taught music at Makin' Music, Inc and continues to share his knowledge of music as a mentor and teacher at the Hill School of Music.  In addition, he is a husband and proud father of three.